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Sunday, February 10, 2002, updated at 09:20(GMT+8)

US Strikes Afghanistan
Trails of American Jets Seen in Afghan Sky
Taliban's Regrouping Should Be Prevented: Afghan FM

The ex-Taliban members are regrouping into another organization in neighboring Pakistan and this should be prevented, Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said here on Saturday.

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Taliban's Regrouping Should Be Prevented: Afghan FM
The ex-Taliban members are regrouping into another organization in neighboring Pakistan and this should be prevented, Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said here on Saturday.

American Taliban Fighter Indicted
A U.S. federal grand jury indicted American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh on Tuesday, accusing him of conspiring to kill fellow Americans in Afghanistan.

U.S. Formally Announces Defeat of Taliban
The United States on Tuesday formally announced that the Taliban has been completely defeated and can no longer control any territory in Afghanistan.

Special Envoy of China on Afghanistan Reconstruction
Attending the Tokyo meeting on Afghanistan Reconstruction, Chinese government special envoy Wang Xuexian says China has always been concerned with the peaceful solution of the Afghan issue and paid great attention to humanitarian aid to the country and its post-war reconstruction.

1,150 Int'l Peacekeeping Soldiers Arrive in Kabul
Major Guy Richardson, the British spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said on Friday that 1,150 ISAF soldiers have arrived in Afghan capital Kabul.

U.S. to Stop 'Chasing Shadows' of Bin Laden
U.S. forces in Afghanistan now have less interest in finding Osama bin Laden and other individuals than in destroying remaining pockets of Taliban and al-Qaeda resistance, Pentagon officials say.

German Troops' Arrival in Kabul Set for Wednesday
The first group of German troops assigned to the United Nations security force in Afghanistan is expected to arrive in the Kabul area on Wednesday provided the weather in Turkey improves, Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping said on Monday.

Advanced Peacekeeping Party Arrives in Kabul
Dozens of senior officials from 17 countries which will send their peacekeeping force to Afghanistan Wednesday morning arrived in the Capital Kabul.

Anti-Taliban forces seek Afghanistan's Mullah Omar
Anti-Taliban forces were poised on Tuesday to launch an operation to capture Mullah Mohammad Omar, the movement's shadowy leader and a top target of US troops still hunting the Taliban and al Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan.

September 11 Changes Were for Better, Poll Says
Most Americans say their country has permanently changed for the better as a consequence of the September 11 terror attacks, while more than half say the tragedy has transformed their lives, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday.

Italian to Send 300-600 Troops to Afghanistan
Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino said Saturday that Italy will send between 300 and 600 troops before Christmas to join the international peace mission inAfghanistan.

Iran Condemns U.S. Veto Against U.N. Protection Force on Palestine
Iran on Saturday condemned the United States for its veto on a draft resolution presented by theArab countries to the U.N. Security Council on sending aninternational force to protect the Palestinians, the official IRNAnews agency reported.

Two U.S. Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan
Two Soldiers of the U.S. special forces were slightly injured in combat operations in Tora Bora area in eastern Afghanistan, the CNN reported Friday.

Military Officials Meet in London on Afghan Force Contribution
Military officials from a number of countries are meeting in London on Friday, preparing to send troops for an international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan.

UK Anti-Terrorism Bill Becomes Law
An emergency anti-terror legislation of Britain has become law on Friday after the government compromised on key issues.

US Commandos Likely to Launch Ground Assault on Tora Bora: AIP
At least three US helicopters with special forces on board have been seen landing on Agaam area near Tora Bora, lair of Saudi-born Osama bin Laden and his supporters, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reported Thursday.

Pakistan Media: US to Deploy NMD in Afghanistan to Contain China
According to a report from Pakistan Frontier Post, as the American forces successfully set foot in Afghanistan, Washington may deploy NMD in Afghanistan to control China in the battlefront, sources said.

U.N. Confirms Delay in Talks On Afghanistan
Next week's planned talks on Afghanistan's political future, originally scheduled for Monday, will be delayed until Tuesday because of logistical problems, U.N. sources said on Friday.

British Troops Unlikely to Deploy in Large Numbers in Afghan
Senior British defence sources said that UK troops are unlikely to deploy in large numbers in Afghanistan, BBC reported on Friday.

China Willing to Participate in the Rebuilding of Afghanistan
As a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council and a neighbor of Afghanistan, China wants to see Afghanistan realize peace and stability as soon as possible, and is willing to participate in the rebuilding of Afghanistan after the war, Chinese FM spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said on Thursday. China has long hoped that Afghanistan will regain peace and stability as soon as possible and devote itself to developing economy.

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