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Achievements of National 863 Program

World's first man-loading HTS maglev test vehicle(20010302)

The first man-loading HTS maglev test vehicle was developed by China Southwest Jiaotong University on December 31, 2000. Experts including Gan Zizhao and Zhao Zhongxian, academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, are testing the vehicle.

Third Generation Intelligent Robot Develped by Harbin Industry University(20010301)

Qing Qing, the third generation intelligent robot developed by Harbin Industry University on the basis of wheeling robot, can make its way independently and avoid barriers automatically. It can talk freely with human beings within a certain distance. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

Transgenic Animals(20010301)

Scientists successfully developed transgenic animals in which particular medicines can be produced. Picture shows transgenic rabbits.

Atmosphere and Environmental Monitoring Laser Radar(20010301)

Atmosphere and environmental monitoring laser radar Developed by Chinese Academy of Science. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

"Sail", Smaller Buick Developed in Shanghai(20010301)

"Sail" sedan is the new member of the Buick Family developed in Shanghai in 2000. It intoducec dual airbags£ĴAnti-lock Brake System (ABS) and the design of absorbing the force of collision as standard configuration for the first time in family cars. Its luring price will be fixed at about 100,000 yuan. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

New Feeder Passerger Plane "Xinzhou"(20010301)

"Xinzhou 60", new model of feeder passenger plane developed by China, has reached the current level of the world's advanced feeder passenger planes in terms of safety, cost, comfort and flight performance. Capable of seating 56 passengers, it can fly as high as 6,000 meters and for a distance of 1,600 kilometers. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

Coal-fired MHD Power Generations(20010301)

Model of coal-fired MHD power generation (scale: 1:5). (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

China Experimental Fast Reactor(20010301)

Models of China Experimental Fast Reactor. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

Electric Motors(20010301)

Green vehicles are produced in China to reduce the pollution. Motors use electricity and solar engergy are developed to protect the environment. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)

Combination of Soilless Culture and Fish Culture(20010301)

Vegetables are grown above the water by using soilless culture technology with aquatic products produced. (By PD Online staff member Du Minghua)
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