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Falun Gong Cult Outlawed

Murder Case, Irrefutable Evidence of Falun Gong's Inhumanity (20011217)

On November 25, 2001, a Falun Gong practitioner ruthlessly killed his father and wife, and badly injured his mother at his parents' home in Xicheng District of Beijing. Fu Yibin, 46, the suspect, was captured on the spot, and the injured rushed to hospital.  

Murder Case, Irrefutable Evidence of Falun Gong's Inhumanity (20011217)

A murder uncovered recently by Beijing police has revealed more irrefutable evidence about the inhumanity of the notorious Falun Gong cult, headed by Li Hongzhi.  

Organizers of Tian'anmen Self-Burning Sentenced (20010817)

Liu Yunfang, Wang Jindong, Liu Xiuqin and Xue Hongjun, organizers of the self-burning incident of Falun Gong practitioners at the Tian'anmen Square early this year, are given sentences ranging from life imprisonment to 7-15 years in prison by the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People Court on Friday. They were all found guilty of intentional homicide.  

Chinese in US Criticize Falun Cult (20010725)

Deng Zhixin, 83-year-old American-Chinese exposes the essence of Falun Gong as anti-human, anti-society and anti-science at a forum in Washington July 22, 2001. The Chinese living in Washington held the forum on criticizing Falun Cult.

Falun Gong Follower Dies of Self-Immolation (20010724)

A 19-year-old Falun Gong follower died early this month after setting himself on fire in Nanning, capital city of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, local police announced here Monday.  

Another Irrefutable Evidence of Falun Gong's Anti-Humanity (20010720)

A case uncovered recently by police has revealed another irrefutable evidence of the notorious Falun Gong cult, headed by Li Hongzhi, for its anti-human nature.  

Beijing Holds Exhibition to Expose Evil Cult(20010717)

An exhibition, showing the bloodcurdling incidents caused by the Falun Gong cult opened Sunday morning at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution.  

Victims of Falun Gong Cult Well Treated (20010301)

Liu Siying, the 12-year-old girl wounded seriously January 23 in Falun Gong Suicide Incident in Tiananmen Square, hugs her favored bear toy in a ward of Jishuitan Hospital in Beijing. Liu and other survivors of the suiside have been well treated by a team of leading burn specialists since they was sent to the hospital. Now She is able to move her hands to embrace the bear toy.

Chinese Official on Handling of Falun Gong Cult (20010228)

"China's well-established system of reeducation through labor is fully within the country's legal framework. We use it as a special means to reassimilate law violators into society," Liu said.  

Vice Premier Calls for Determined Fight Against Falun Gong Cult(20010227)

Chinese Vice Premier Li Lanqing has called on Party organizations, officials at various levels and the general public to carry on with the determined fight against the Falun Gong cult, in order to create a favorable environment for social and economic development.  
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