China's National Defense in 2004

Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China
December 2004, Beijing


I. The Security Situation

II. National Defense Policy

III. Revolution in Military Affairs with Chinese Characteristics

IV. Defense Expenditure and Defense Assets

V. The Military Service System

VI. National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force Building

VII. Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

VIII. The Armed Forces and the People

IX. International Security Cooperation

X. Arms Control, Disarmament and Non- Proliferation

Appendix I. Members of the CMC of the CPC

Appendix II. Leaders of the Four Headquarters/Departments of the PLA

Appendix III. Major Military Exchanges with Other Countries (2003-2004)

Appendix IV. Participation in Security Consultations (2003-2004)

Appendix V. Joint Exercises with Foreign Armed Forces (2003-2004)

Appendix VI. Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations

Appendix VII. Major Military Regulations Promulgated Since 2003