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Nanjing Massacre not be Denied

Japanese Atlas of Nanjing Unveiled
An atlas of the east China city of Nanjing charted and printed by the Japanese during World War II has been discovered in north China's Hebei Province.

Military Equipment Reveals Invasion Truth
A total of 16 pieces of Japanese military equipment collected by a Tianjin citizen was revealed on February 1 to document the truth about Japan's invasion of China.

Spokesman Refutes Japanese Diplomat's Accusation
A spokesman for foreign affairs in Hong Kong on January 28 strongly refuted the Acting Japanese Consul General Shuhci Takahashi's accusation against Hong Kong media of their "negative and unfair" coverage concerning the recent anti-China rally in Osaka.

Be Vigilant Against Japanese Right-wing Forces' Reversal of Verdict
This article written by Our Commentator runs in full as follows: The Osaka gathering brazenly held by Japanese right-wing forces, in which they told big lies by denying the Nanjing Massacre, has given rise to a serious situation of hurting the Chinese people's feeling and jeopardizing the development of Sino-Japanese relations.

Japan Disagrees With Rightist's Denial of Nanjing Massacre: Spokesman
The Japanese government disagrees with views expressed at a gathering held last Sunday by a Japanese group denying the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, Chief Cabinet Secretary Mikio Aoki said Thursday.

Chinese FM Lambastes Japanese Anti-China Moves
The Chinese government and all the Chinese people are indignant over both the actions taken by the Japanese rightist force to distort history by denying the 1937Nanjing Massacre and an unjust verdict from the Japanese Supreme Court against an ex-Japanese soldier, Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiangxuan said in Beijing on January 26.

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