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China Bans Falun Gong

Colleges in Zhejiang Support Crackdown on Falun Gong

     College professors and students in east China's Zhejiang Province have expressed their support of the crackdown on Falun Gong, a cult which has been banned in China.

     Some teachers and students in Zhejiang University told Xinhua that cults like Falun Gong should be banned and punished according to law, as Falun Gong spreads superstition, disturbs social order, and some practitioners have gone so far as to steal state secrets and plot to subvert the central government.

     Teachers from Hangzhou Business College said China's struggle against Falun Gong is an ideological as well as a serious political fight, because the cult led by Li Hongzhi has committed crimes that go against science, society, humankind, and the government.

     A teacher from Zhejiang Finance and Economics College called for efforts to boost education in faith and ideology, saying that Falun Gong represents a problem of belief among some people in the community.

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