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China Bans Falun Gong

China Issues Wanted Circular for Arrest of Li Hongzhi

    The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China issued on July 29 a wanted circular for the arrest of Li Hongzhi, head of the "Falun Dafa Research Society " and his Falun Gong organization.

     According to the ministry, the wanted circular to the security bureaus of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities was approved by the Beijing People's Procuratorate.

     The circular says that Li Hongzhi organized and made use of the "Falun Dafa Research Society" and the Falun Gong organization under his control to spread superstition and malicious fallacies to deceive people, resulting in the deaths of many practitioners.

     Li also plotted and organized gatherings, demonstrations and other activities to disturb public order without applying for permits according to law, and he is thus suspected of having committed the crime of disturbing public order, it says.

     The wanted circular says that Li Hongzhi, originally named Li Lai and of Han nationality, was born in Gongzhuling City of Jilin Province on July 7, 1952. Li has a junior high school education and his original home address was: 12 Jing'an Street, Luyuan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province. He is now residing in the United States. His ID Card number is 220104520707361, his Chinese passport serial number is 140522510, and the number of his visa for reentry into the United States is C001106787.

     Li is about 1.78 meters in height, with slanted eyebrows, single-edged eyelids, a little bit fat, and he speaks putonghua ( standard Chinese) with a northeast China accent.

     The circular with Li's photo asks all public security departments and border check points to make arrangements to track down Li's whereabouts and arrest him. (Xinhua)

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