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China Bans Falun Gong

Major Mass Organizations Support Falun Gong Ban

     China's three major mass organizations said in Beijing on July 24 that they and their members across the nation strongly support the government ban on Falun Gong, an illegal organization spreading superstition and heresies and disrupting social stability in the guise of physical fitness exercises.

     The three organizations are the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), the All-China Women's Federation and the Chinese Communist Youth League, which represent the country's workers, women and younger generation, respectively.

     "The working class represents the most advanced productive forces and relations of production of society, and we firmly oppose the feudal superstition and fallacies preached by the Falun Gong organizations," said an ACFTU spokesman today.

     According to the spokesman, the ACFTU and trade union organizations across the country in recent days have held a number of forums to study and discuss the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Central Committee's decision to resolve the Falun Gong issue.

     Many model workers and workers' representatives attending these forums vowed that they would fight against the Falun Gong organizations resolutely and help the Party and government to win the struggle, he added.

     "What we need most at present is a political situation of stability and unity. Li Hongzhi and his clique have attempted to sabotage the current hard-won fine situation, and the working class will by no means allow this to happen," Zhang Wei, a national model worker from central China's Henan Province, was quoted as saying.

     At a forum held by the Chinese Communist Youth League Central Committee Friday in Beijing, participants agreed that the CPC Central Committee's decision to resolve the Falun Gong issue according to law reflected the common aspiration of the overwhelming majority of Party members and the common people.

     "Members of the Communist Youth League across the country must take a clear-cut and firm stand to support the Party Central Committee and play an active role in this struggle," they urged.

     A Youth League official from the Ministry of Railways said he was amazed that with pure fabrications and lies and his idealistic and theistic fallacies, Li Hongzhi (founder of the Falun Gong) could deceive so many people and lead them into disaster so easily.

     "This reminds us of the importance and urgency of strengthening our political and ideological work among the younger generation, educating them with Marxist materialism and atheism, and making greater efforts to popularize scientific knowledge," said the official.

     According to Gu Xiulian, vice-chairwoman of the All-China Women's Federation, one major task for women's federation organizations across the country at present is to further strengthen ideological and political education among Chinese women and call on them to " advocate science and abandon superstition".

     "We must arm our sisters with scientific knowledge and help improve their capability to recognize and resist feudal superstition," said Gu at a forum in Beijing today attended by women representatives from all walks of life.

     The All-China Women's Federation has also issued a circular to women organizations nationwide, urging them to make active efforts to help all Chinese women and their families to adopt a civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, and keep away from all benighted and superstitious activities, added Gu. (Xinhua)

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