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Four years on, Xiong'an New Area construction at full throttle
Xiong'an has been designed to become an intelligent city featuring high-tech and innovation as well as a magnet for global talent.
China improving Hong Kong's electoral system guarantees "one country, two systems" -- observers
China's recent improvement to Hong Kong's electoral system serves as a guardrail for the implementation of the "one country, two systems" policy.
U.S. double standard on human rights shows hypocritical, ridiculous logic
Apparently, to some U.S. politicians, human rights are merely their excuse to attack and smear other countries.
Tracing COVID-19's origins: politics should not outweigh science
Being accustomed to politicizing the pandemic for their interests, how will Western media and politicians acknowledge and respect the result of the scientific research and clear China's name?
China urges U.S. to create favorable conditions for ties
Hong Kong's development achievements nowadays depend on the hard work of several generations of Hong Kong citizens and the great advantage of the motherland, rather than charities from foreign countries.
China's Five-Year Plan mirrors socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics
China's five-year plan is a window from which the international society can seek opportunities for cooperation with China.
China to see first travel peak of 2021 during Qingming Festival
The number of Chinese tourists during the holiday will hit 100 million, reaching the level of the same period in 2019.

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