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Xi stresses full, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development philosophy
President Xi Jinping on Friday stressed full, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development philosophy.
China gives new boost to 17+1 Initiative
Additionally, ever since its outset, the group of 17 European countries that joined the China-CEEC Summit has not been very homogenous. Different priorities, histories, sizes and cultures are not ignored.
"Press freedom" never a fig leaf of fake news
China's broadcasting regulator National Radio and Television Administration recently made an announcement on pulling BBC World News off the air in the country for serious content violation.
China rebukes certain Westerners for fabricating lies about Xinjiang
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson rebuked certain Western politicians, media workers and scholars for fabricating lies about "genocide" and "forced labor" in Xinjiang.
Latest measurement of height of Mount Qomolangma good test of China’s scientific and technological strength
On Dec. 8, 2020, China and Nepal jointly announced that the new height of Mount Qomolangma.
Sales of China’s catering sector exceed 800 bln yuan during Spring Festival holiday
China’s catering sector saw about 821 billion yuan (about $126.6 billion) in the combined sales of key retail and catering enterprises during the weeklong Spring Festival holiday.
Testimonies of Xinjiang ‘mass rape victim’ proven to be full of loopholes
The only source behind Western media outlets’reports accusing China of “implanting female detainees with contraceptive IUDs” in Xinjiang has been found to have provided self-contradictory testimonies.

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