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Xi underlines winning anti-poverty battle during Ningxia inspection
Xi said no single ethnic minority group should be left behind in the country's building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.
Street stalls back in town: “outdoor business” revival to reverse COVID-19 slump
The return of street vendors is a people-oriented policy aimed at increasing the incomes of ordinary people and making people’s lives easier.
Coordinated bots spread China bioweapon conspiracy theory on Twitter: Australian research
The coronavirus pandemic has been paralleled by a China bioweapon conspiracy on social media.
Doctors reject 'error-filled' Harvard paper
Chinese doctors and scientists have pointed out the many flaws of a Harvard Medical School study that used satellite images of hospital parking lots in Wuhan to conclude that the coronavirus may have emerged as early as autumn last year.
China releases article exposing "U.S.-style human rights" crisis magnified by COVID-19
The U.S. government has ignored the pandemic warnings, prioritized capital interests and politicized the anti-pandemic endeavor in its COVID-19 response.
China works to revitalize catering industry with safety, supportive measures
Chinese restaurants are now welcoming customers back as COVID-19 subsides.

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