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Xi stresses strong public health system to safeguard people's health
Xi called for readiness for worst-case scenarios, stronger awareness of potential dangers and constant efforts to forestall major risks in health care.
U.S. sanction game reveals its addiction to supremacy
Unilateral sanction has long been a typical practice of the U.S. diplomacy, and lately, the White House once again played its same old trick.
Li works to pave path for small businesses
Premier Li Keqiang has called for heightened measures to reduce the financing costs of smaller businesses with steps to raise their lines of credit and allow them to use intellectual property rights as collateral to obtain loans.
Wuhan tests nearly 10m people for COVID-19, completing citywide mass screening
“Negative!” That was the good news that Yang Taizhen, a 96-year-old Wuhan citizen, got from her family when they told her the results of her test.
Civil Code, China’s landmark law to protect people's rights
China’s long-expected Civil Code was adopted on May 28 before the wrapping up of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress.
Together, we fight the coronavirus: A Canadian English teacher’s story
Lorin Ledger is a Canadian teacher at Houhai English, an English training school in Beijing. Ledger told his experience fighting COVID-19 in China to the People’s Daily in an interview.
WSJ: Decoupling with China will come at "significant cost" to U.S. competitiveness
Decoupling with China will come at "a significant cost to America's own competitiveness," a commentary published Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has warned.

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