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No new cases in Hubei; 34 added nationally, all imported
Zero new case of COVID-19 was in Hubei for the second day, and 39 added across Chinese mainland were all imported from oversea.
Human rights decided by skin color in United States
"Color has obviously played a major role in determining the fate of many Americans...” That is a line by Thomas Sowell in his book Ethnic America: A History, which carries his deep frustration.
China calls for targeted measures to curb cross-border COVID-19 transmission
Imported COVID-19 cases in China are increasing as the epidemic rapidly spread across the world, leading to growing pressure in epidemic containment.
Internet corrects Trump, labels the “Chinese Virus” the “Trump Virus”
US President Donald Trump has increasingly sought to blame China for his response to the coronavirus outbreak by fanning the flames of racism.
China will not allow ‘Spanish flu’ mistake to be repeated
China will resolutely oppose the trick that the US is trying to pull and make sure the historical mistake of the “Spanish flu” will never repeat itself.
Int’l students in China witness strength, feel warmth in joint efforts to combat COVID-19
Many international students in China have chosen to stay in the country and join the nationwide effort to fight the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)..
China balancing market supply and demand amid the epidemic
Relevant Chinese government departments are taking a slew of measures to balance market supply and demand, and to generate internal growth momentum.

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