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Xi calls for cooperation in virus fight
China will strengthen international cooperation on novel coronavirus epidemic control and continue to provide assistance within its ability to countries affected by the epidemic, Xi Jinping said on Wednesday.
U.S. ill mentalities to expulse Chinese journalists only cause troubles
The unreasonable decision of the U.S. runs counter to established international rules, and only reveals the hypocrisy and hegemony of the U.S. administration.
Don't fall for it! Trump is using "Chinese Virus" label to cover up his mishandling of coronavirus
Many people have criticized Trump for using a racist and anti-Chinese label to describe a virus that threatens all people.
China contributes to stability of global supply chain
As China has gradually secured remarkable achievements in epidemic prevention and control, regions in the country are taking multiple measures to accelerate orderly work resumption of industries.
Senior WHO official warns against mis-labeling coronavirus
"Viruses know no borders, and they don't care your ethnicity or the color of your skin or how much money you have in the bank."
Time tested friends: Pakistani president sets new milestone with visit to China during epidemic
As its closest friend, Pakistan has decided to show solidarity with China at this crucial moment. We stand with our brothers and sisters in China.
Chinese major homemade aircraft conducts test flights despite epidemic
Major Chinese home-grown aircraft, including the C919 large passenger jet, AG600 large amphibious aircraft and Y-20 large transport aircraft, have managed to conduct test flights and operations.

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