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Xi says China to send more medical experts to Italy
China will send more medical experts to Italy and do its best to provide medical supplies and other assistance, Xi in a phone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday.
China’s experience in battle against COVID-19 brings hope to the world
Both the Chinese authorities and the people of Wuhan have made great sacrificesin curbing the spread of the virus .
'We are at war': Macron announces 15-day lockdown over COVID-19
"I know what I am asking of you is unprecedented, but circumstances demand it. We are at war," Macron said.
Trump calls coronavirus the "Chinese Virus," the world disagrees
His claim triggered many ugly comments full of racism and conspiracy, but also an avalanche of criticism from Americans and people from around the world.
Rumors of 'forced labor' in Xinjiang refuted
Experts said that US politicians' efforts in pushing sanctions on China over so-called forced labor in Xinjiang aims to contain China in the backdrop of the US-initiated trade war with China.
A close look at U.S. hegemonic practices disguised in human rights protection
The 20,000-character report cites abundant facts and data, proving that the human rights situation in the U.S. has been poor and deteriorating in recent years.
U.S. economy "may be" heading toward recession due to lingering COVID-19
Trump said Monday that the United States could be coping with the novel coronavirus disease until July or August and the country''s economy "may be" heading toward a recession.

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