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Govt works to curb imports of infections
China has taken scientific and active measures to curb cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia being imported from overseas as the epidemic continues to worsen internationally.
China returns favor with face masks, knowledge
Such actions included donating medical equipment to Japan and sending professional medical team to Iran.
Foreign enterprises still upbeat over China’s economic prospects
75 percent of foreign enterprises in China are optimistic in the future of the Chinese economy despite the novel coronavirus epidemic, and will not change their reinvestment plans in the country.
Chinese woman's English video inspires netizens in fight against coronavirus
A first-time video titled "We Are All Fighters" by a Chinese woman has had a total of over 200 million views on the Internet in just a few days since it went online.
Epidemic won’t spark financial crisis in China
Ominous signals have begun to suggest that the epidemic might have hit the Chinese economy harder than some had expected, which in turn has fueled speculation that China might face a financial crisis.
Greece decides to guard borders to maximum level after preventing over 10,000 entries
The Greek government also criticized Turkey for allegedly "directing and encouraging" the increased refugee and migrant flows to its borders in the past few days.
Hospital cleaner works round the clock to fight virus
Countless doctors and nurses have been fighting on the front line against the coronavirus outbreak and been hailed for their selflessness and dedication.

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