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Xi, Indonesian president discuss fight against novel coronavirus
China and Indonesia should join hands in shouldering the responsibilities of major countries and achieve new progress, Xi said.
Outbreak may peak in mid or late-February: epidemiologist
Some experts suggested that continuous decreasing numbers of confirmed cases show that the inflection point outside Hubei is expected to arrive in about 10 days.
Why demonize the Chinese over coronavirus?
The world has seen disasters and stood with the affected countries without declaring their citizens outcasts from the rest of humanity. So why demonize the Chinese over coronavirus?
Chinese spokesperson refutes U.S. accusation of cyber theft of trade secrets
Chinese government's position on cybersecurity is consistent and clear. "We firmly oppose and combat cyber attacks of any kind. China is a staunch defender of cybersecurity."
Italian-American writer in China: world should be applauding China's unprecedented response
Mario Cavolo's article compares the situations between America’s 2009 H1N1 swine flu outbreak and the current coronavirus epidemic.
Openness seen as key to American Factory's Oscar award
The film tells the story of Fuyao's first automotive-glass factory in the US, which was set up at a shuttered General Motors plant in 2015, employing 2,000 local blue-collar workers.
WHO gives official name for novel coronavirus
The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday gave the official name for the latest novel coronavirus as being Covid-19, which stands for coronavirus disease starting in 2019.

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