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Xi talks with Trump over phone on novel coronavirus outbreak
Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke over phone with U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday morning, urging the U.S. side to respond reasonably to the novel coronavirus outbreak.
China reports 2,656 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection, 89 new deaths
Chinese health authorities Sunday said it received reports of 2,656 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 89 deaths on Saturday.
WHO engaging more with private sectors on novel coronavirus medical kit supply
The WHO said Friday that it is engaging more than ever with private sectors globally to ensure the supply of PPE, to aid in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.
Landmarks in China light up on Lantern Festival to show solidarity for Wuhan
People illuminate the lights of landmarks in 31 provinces and autonomous regions of the country to cheer for Wuhan.
"Something’s not right here folks"​ | A look at USA 2009 H1N1 Virus compared to China 2020 Coronavirus
In fact, do you recall it took six months for the U.S. to declare a national emergency?
Leishenshan Hospital in 180 seconds
Leishenshan Hospital, with a total floor area of 79,900 square meters, will provide around 1,600 beds in China's Wuhan.Click the video to see the construction of Leishenshan Hospital in 180 seconds.
Wuhan Zoo finds new sources of food for animals
Animals lacking food in Wuhan Zoo in Wuhan, Hubei province-center of the novel coronavirus outbreak-have had their troubles solved thanks to joint efforts from solicitous people nationwide.

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