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Key meeting emphasizes treating all patients
The government will requisition a number of hotels and other venues for purposes of receiving and treating patients with mild symptoms or for medical observation of close contacts, said a statement released after the meeting.
We must fight the virus, not each other
Panic and anxiety are inevitable in the face of a major global health challenge, but overreacting and letting irrational fears take control will not only do more harm than good, but will worsen the epidemic and make it easier to lose confidence.
Coronavirus outbreak exposes evil intentions of some American politicians
The sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia has not only tested China's response, but also highlighted foreign attitudes and perceptions towards China.
Ban Ki-Moon: I will stand together with China in battle against epidemic
Ban Ki-moon, chairman of the BFA, has spoken positively of China' efforts to battle the novel coronavirus and expressed his will to stand with the Chinese people in battle against the epidemic.
World needs to stand together in face of novel coronavirus outbreak
In face of the epidemic, human beings share the same destiny, and only unity and collaboration are able to generate a power to safeguard lives.
China adopts multiple measures to ensure economic stability amid novel coronavirus epidemic
The country would rather increase inventories and be ready for anything than get caught unprepared.
China to prepare 3rd import expo via noncontact means
The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be prepared via noncontact means such as phone calls, video calls and emails in response to the novel coronavirus epidemic, according to its organizers.

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