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Superfast hospital in Wuhan ready
A 1,000-bed hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, will begin receiving highly contagious pneumonia patients on Monday, less than 10 days after construction began.
Coronavirus outbreak is not an opportunity to score points against China
China has taken extraordinary measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak. The entire country has gone into battle mode to combat it.
Fight the virus, not the Chinese
The covonavirus (nCOV-2019) is fast spreading, now to over 20 countries. The fear coronavirus spreads is far bigger than the deaths and infections put together.
Pakistan stands with China at this critical moment of epidemic outbreak
A friend indeed is a friend in need. Pakistan firmly stands with China at this critical moment of an epidemic outbreak.
Young ‘soldiers’ fight coronavirus epidemic in China
A great number of spirited young Chinese born after 1990 have joined the front line of the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic which broke out in Wuhan.
Wuhan frontline doctor battle against novel coronavirus: seeing more than 300 patients a day for 10 days straight
Zhang has been working and living in the hospital for 10 daysstraight and seeing more than 300 patients a day.
Central energy enterprise guarantees power support for epidemic prevention and control
As of January 29, the State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC) has started four power units during the Spring Festival, generating a total of 9.8 TWh of energy.

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