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Xi stresses modernization of China's emergency management system, capability
China is one of the countries suffering from the world's most serious natural disasters, and faces an increasing number of factors endangering public safety.
Chinese people will not be intimidated by any threats
Facts have shown that the anti-China forces in the U.S. have been manipulating the Hong Kong activists from the behind scenes to cause chaos in Hong Kong.
U.S. moves backward on human rights
Under the current U.S. administration, immigration issue has been rapidly politicized, and tens of thousands of migrant children have been held in custody and forced to be separated from their parents.
U.S. military widely criticized for covering and downplaying scandals
In recent years, the U.S. military has been facing extensive criticism from the international community for frequent maltreatment of prisoners.
Instigating violence is doomed to fail
To blatantly support the violent rioters and intentionally add fuel to the flames of violence, certain U.S. politicians will only cause resentment among the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, and they have exposed their hypocrisy to the world.
Number of inbound tourists in China grows steadily
China's inbound tourism will continue to grow in 2019, and inbound tourism revenue is expected to exceed 130 billion US dollars.
People’s Daily Online seeks English copy-editors
The opening is based in People’s Daily New Media Tower, Beijing. The positions come with a minimum one-year contract.

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