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Xi's South Asia trip set to boost regional links
President Xi Jinping's South Asia trip, which begins on Friday, will boost regional interconnectivity and strengthen China's ties with India and Nepal, a senior diplomat said on Wednesday.
Why China hasn’t suffered an economic crisis in several decades?
While other countries were hurt by regional or global financial and economic crises, China saw its economy grow by 9.5 percent on average over the past 40 years.
Apple removes app which helped HK rioters elude police
Apple removed app from its App Store on Thursday after it sparked fury for protecting rioters or assisting them to ambush police.
NBA crisis in China is all about whether America and China can respect each other
China and the US should try to understand each other and respect each other.
US moves on Xinjiang to have little impact: experts
US officials and journalists just keep on criticizing China' policies on Xinjiang without verifying the facts, which shows that their true intention is not to help Xinjiang.
How did Chinese women find a place in society?
After its founding on October 1, 1949, the PRC has gone through various difficulties to strengthen its hold on power.With the issuance of the PRC's first law, the Marriage Law, Chinese women had more say on their life.
@China: A Foreigner in Fangjia Hutong
Wearing old military coats, taking ancient Chinese bicycle and tricycle, going through Beijing hutongs...You can never imagine that some most typical things for Beijing natives are the everyday life for an American.

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