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China, Arab states to forge strategic partnership
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Tuesday morning in Beijing.
China is “exerting negative pressure” on the DPRK? Apparently, the world disagrees
A Twitter user suggested that the US president was just making excuses for why things are not going his way.
China warns US against proposed tariffs on $200b worth of goods
The latest proposed tariffs by the United States on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports will hurt globalization and undermine the world economic order.
America’s muddled “trade imbalance” shows bias
The United States has found many reasons for its unilateral trade protectionism. The so-called “trade imbalance” theory is one of them.
China’s carbon market to play vital role in emission reduction in 2020
China's carbon emission trading system will gradually mature and play a crucial role in emission reduction from 2020.
Trading of agricultural supplies totals 2.57 billion yuan on Alibaba platforms
In addition to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Chinese farmers even bought farming vehicles and drones from online platforms.
Brand iron woks lose value due to counterfeit products
The Zhangqiu iron wok brand, which was highlighted in a domestic food-themed documentary half a year ago, now faces a credit crisis.


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