NPC & CPPCC Sessions 2018
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Xi expects smooth DPRK-ROK summit, DPRK-U.S. dialogue
China supports United States and DPRK to begin dialogue and resolve their concerns through negotiation.
Xi calls for deepened military-civilian integration
President Xi Jinping stressed practical efforts to further deepen military-civilian integration to provide impetus and support for realizing the Chinese dream.
China unveils cabinet reshuffle plan
China on Tuesday unveiled a massive cabinet reshuffle plan to make the government better-structured, more efficient, and service-oriented.
Video: China in one minute, moving at warp speed
People's Daily will launch a series of promotional videos called China in One Minute. The first episode is Moving at Warp Speed.
Constitutional amendment a key move to modernize governance system and capacity
Revisions to parts of China's Constitution is believed to be a key measure to further modernize China's system and capacity for governance.
J-20 stealth fighter's capabilities to be enhanced
China will continue to improve and upgrade its cutting-edge J-20 stealth fighter jet, giving it more capabilities, according to its chief designer.


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