NPC & CPPCC Sessions 2018
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Constitutional revision "important task" for NPC annual session
Upholding the Party's leadership and reflecting the will of the people should be the principles for amending the Constitution.
Cooperation the only right option for China-U.S. ties: spokesperson
The stable development of Sino-U.S. ties serves the fundamental interests of people of both countries.
China not to export "Chinese model": spokesperson
China does not seek to overturn or replace the current international order. Rather, it will continue to be a defender of and contributor to the order.
China's defense input rate lower than other major countries: spokesperson
A large part of the growth of China's defense budget is to make up for the low military spending in the past.
Chinese, U.S. senior officials highlight cooperation to settle trade disputes
A senior Chinese official and his U.S. hosts have agreed that the two countries should settle their trade disputes by cooperation rather than confrontation.
Political advisors debut in "passage interview"
Despite being one of the most well-known sign language interpreters on TV, Zhou Ye is barely recognizable to ordinary Chinese.


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