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Op-Ed: The CPC at its 19th National Congress
Yet to continue to earn its leadership, the Party has a higher obligation to enhance rectitude of governance, standards of living and personal well-being.
China to allocate 10 billion yuan to fund “Made in China 2025” initiative
Chinese authorities said they will earmark a 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) special fund to support the country’s “Made in China 2025” initiative.
British Defense Secretary: UK has no intention of conducting ‘freedom of navigation’ flights over South China Sea
The secretary said they do not have any plans to conduct maneuvers over disputed islands to provoke China.
China cleans silt-clogged Yellow River
Notable for the large amount of silt it carries, the Yellow River has become a limpid waterway in recent years, thanks to the country’s progress in hydraulic engineering and ecological construction.
Chinese military makes more public display on big screen
Chinese military-themed movies are more frequently seen on the big screen, demonstrating the military on missions with advanced weapons, a sign of improved image and confidence.
iPhones no longer first choice for smartphone users: media
Since Apple’s new model iPhone 8 was officially released on Sept. 22, at least seven handsets with swollen batteries have been reported.


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