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7th plenary session to set agenda
The members of the 18th CPC Central Committee — mostly senior officials from Party organizations, government agencies, State-owned enterprises and the military — will discuss the report to be delivered by Xi at the 19th National Congress.
China calls for better bilateral ties with South Korea amid missile dispute
Chinese authorities said they hoped that the new Republic of Korea ambassador to China would contribute more to the sound development of bilateral ties.
China warns US warship to leave after it sails near Xisha islands
Chinese warships have warned a US Navy destroyer to leave after it sailed close to Xisha Islands in South China Sea.
Chinese to woo more international customers with advanced commercial aerospace technology
In the coming decade, the world will see the launch of some 3,600 small satellites.
China’s FAST telescope to explore extragalactic radio pulsars in 2018
After identifying multiple pulsars in its trial operation, China’s 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope may become the world’s first telescope to capture extragalactic radio pulsars.
Alibaba briefly tops Amazon as world’s largest e-commerce company
On Tuesday, the stock price of Alibaba rose 1.3 percent to $184.46, pushing up its market value to $472.4 billion, surpassing Amazon’s value of $470 billion.


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