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Response speedy to Sichuan quake
The death toll from a magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Jiuzhaigou county on Tuesday night rose to 19 and the tally of the injured rose to 263.
Chinese scientists conduct ground-to-space quantum teleportation
In the experiment, Chinese scientists transmitted quantum states of photons from a ground station to the satellite 500 km above.
Op-Ed: India is playing with fire, and it could get burned
The standoff between China and India in Doklam reveals India’s geopolitical ambitions and motivation to use “protecting Bhutan” as an excuse for its own superpower dream.
Chinese are famous for strict education, will UK follow suit?
Apart from the UK, many other countries have shown great interest in the Chinese style of teaching.
India should heed lessons from history: experts
Chinese experts on Thursday slammed Indian defense minister’s “irresponsible remarks” .
China’s quake warning system covers almost half the population
The system sent warnings to armed police corps, fire agents, government and the public just before the quake hit the region.


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