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Spoiler alert! Previewing China's 'Two Sessions' 2017
Have the “assignments” from Chinese President Xi Jinping been completed yet? What is this year’s GDP growth target? Stay tuned!
China creates over 13 million new urban jobs for 4 consecutive years
Data show that China managed to create jobs more than 13 million urban jobs for 4 consecutive years, despite downward pressure and industrial restructuring in the Chinese economy.
China’s trans-regional integration plan offers possible solution for big city malaise
China has made accomplishments from its national strategy for a coordinated development plan for Beijing, Tianjin and the neighboring Hebei province.
Voice of China: To build bridges or walls, that’s the problem
Amidst growing doubts about the future of the globalized international order, China has emerged as a voice of reason.
China-ROK exchanges need public support: FM spokesman
China on Wednesday said the public's will is vital to its ties with the Republic of Korea as bilateral relations are strained by the ROK's plan to deploy THAAD.
Four Chinese people’s stories in environmental protection
Jiankou, a section of the Great Wall, is frequently visited by a group of outdoor sport fans on Saturday, who collect garbage with the white plastic bags tied to their camping bags.


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