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Dear readers,

The English version of the People's Daily Online, which currently records the largest number of pageviews for an English-language website in China, is also the most authoritative English-language website in China. With China opening up to the world more and more, the English version of the People's Daily Online serves as an important channel for the world to understand China. The English version of the People's Daily Online updates its website with breaking news as it happens every day. The China, Business, Opinion, World, Sci-Edu, Life, and Sports channels not only includes news from the newspapers and magazines published by the People's Daily, it also translates, edits and reports important news from other mainstream media around China.

With your great concerns, we have made continuous progress and have been rewarded with much success in building our website and providing worldwide service since it went online on January 14, 1998. Your views, valuable opinions and suggestions are important and indispensable to the improvement of our website. Our "Voice of Readers" column welcomes your valuable suggestions. Let our People's Daily Online (English Version) be with you. Thanks

Following are some letters from our readers:

Selected works of Chairman Mao--from Dr. M. Asir Ajmal, November 23, 2003

Notification of an error--from Jian Zhang, November 13, 2003

Discussion Boards--from Mark Way, November 8,2003

China in space--from Ed Almos, October 15, 2003

Chinaman in space--from robert, October 15, 2003

Manned spacecraft--from mark hunter, October 12, 2003

Concerns--from bradley, September 2, 2003

RMB re-valuation--from wickam, September, 10, 2003

Impressed with your web site-from John, September 17,2003

Upcoming mission for the Shenzhou 5--from Alan Speakman, October 8, 2003

Thank you-from Chris A. Swanson, October 9, 2003

Thank you-from, WBW, August, 13, 2002

Mao's willingness to vist the U.S. in 1945-from, R.P.Ludden, April, 3, 2002

More articles on Beijing's new CBD- from, David Cheung, January 26, 2002

Your English edition needs to be improved- from, David Wang , January 25, 2002

Express Support- from, Huang Jinhe, November 17, 2001

AIDS, - from, Meng Chih Yu , November 16, 2001

Great Website, - from, Karl K H Chan , November 16, 2001

Don't learn English too early- from a 50-year old Hong Kong Chinese

November 12, 2001

Nice new layout- from, phil tong, November 9, 2001

Web site- from, Derek Scissors, November 9, 2001

China's College English Program- from, Meng Chih Yu, October 23, 2001

Love you- from, TJ, October 19, 2001

Rumors of Chinese Aid to Taliban- from, Frances Wylie , October 16, 2001

Beijing's Olympic Bid and US Media Coverage- from, shi zhang, October 9, 2001

More Americans should read your site- from, Gary Collins, October 2, 2001

I enjoy your site- from, Amman M.Said, October 4, 2001

So glad to see China finally entering WTO- from, Adrian Keefe, September 19, 2001

China Refutes US Reports on China-Taliban Ties- from, Jones, September 16, 2001

Heartened to read of the sympathies after the barbaric attack on New York- from, Dan MacLeod, New York, September 14, 2001

The People's Daily an excellent source of Chinese news!- from, Stelios Stylianou ,United Kingdom, July 20, 2001

Anti-cult Exhibition- from, Victor L.Smith, July 24, 2001

Falun Gong Cult- from, Stewart Kelly, July 26, 2001

US China relations- from, Neal Maffei, July 05, 2001

The Propaganda Weapon Of "Human Rights"- from, Ishq Johansson, July 06, 2001

Congratulations on 80th Anniversary of CPC - from William Lieweiiyn, June 22, 2001

Beijing Olympics- from Joe Manning, July 10, 2001

Good day to you all- from Mingtao Yu, London Ontario, Canada

Greetings from Austria/Europe!- from Erwin Vollmann, Austria

Sino-US friendship Not Allow Semantics Stalemate Mess Things Up! - From a reader in the US, April 13, 2001

President of US Not Popular From a reader in the US, April 13, 2001

May 8, 1999 Bombing of Chinese Embassy inYogoslavia - from an overseas Chinese on May 9

Congraduation to China on the 30th Anniversary of It's First Satellite Launch! - from Winstons C.Kam (Canada)on April 26, 2000

An Informative Website - from Kimnaeri (Korea) on April 25,2000

Great People's Daily in the World Web! - from From Dr. Goga on April 20, 2000

Taiwan Issue - from a Hong Kong citizen on April 11, 2000

New Look of Your Website - From Phil Tong (Canada) on April 8, 2000

Thank You for Your Message Board -From a reader on April 6

Mistakes - From Brian Robbins on March 3, 2000

Quite Readable - From Gerry Wilder (America) on December, 1999

Suggestions - From an overseas Chinese on November, 1999

War International Citizens' Forum on War Crimes & Redress - From Japan on September, 1999

Thank You for Making the English Edition Possible - From Sue Lee Tang on August, 1999

Congradualations the Launch of Shenzhou - From Jack D. Menendez (USA) on August, 1999




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