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Why I strongly support the same-sex marriage!

Topic:The significant reasons why I strongly support the same-sex marriage!




Dear Friends,

How are you!

It is my great pleasure to write to you to share my thoughts on the topic of the same-sex marriage,

and my views about some current controversial issues about it.

As you know,as the gay & lesbian,they are minority in population;however,many of them once dedicated their intelligences, versatile genius to various fields in our society such as sciences and technology,arts,

literature,commercial business,political affairs,sports ,etc; even some of them made great contributions to the human civilization in history,which were deserving prides in their careers.

However,how about their lifes in reality,as my personal experience and knowledge,most of their lifes were hardship, even miserable. When they came to this world, maybe some of them already felt not easy in childhood .While they grew up to be adult, they felt depressive and disappointed because they can not love as other majority do due to the gay & lesbian discrimination from the society. As for their future lifes ,there are no other options but only two hopeless ways awaiting for them. One path is reshaping themselves to enter the heterosexual marriages which seem peaceful but their true nature were distorted completely and affections were deprived of relentlessly. Another lane is that they stay single statues which they should survive with whole lifes alone and endure as the second class citizens.Even two persons love deeply as much as the heterosexual lovers do or even more,they have no rights to make their own decision for the marriage to build the family,which are the ordinary and happy things for most straight persons but it seem too luxury for them.All these situations are arranged in destiny?

Nowadays,as minority, the lesbian & gay sincerely hope to have chance to select their lifes and own their equality rights as a respected individual as majority. Dear friends,your kind care and support will relight their hopes for life and live with self-esteem ,which are the enormous drive source for them returning their deep loves to the society from their hearts and inspiring their talents to serve for our society.

Also,please find my views about some current controversial issues of the same-sex marriage as following enclosure.

Very grateful for your genial concerns.

With best regard,

Sincerely yours


Enclosed my views about some current controversial issues of the same-sex marriage,as follows.

1.Why the same-sex couple need marriage ?

The same-sex couple willing bond their fates together in law has the same marriage features as heterosexual couple do( the foundation on the results of love,hoping to build their happy family and face future together,while sharing the responsibililties equity in the family as the heterosexual couple do ),which is reasonable and the basic rights as the human being in their lifetime.

2. The civil marriage is not religion marriage.

Diversity is the symbol in civilisation and democracy in our human modern society.

The civil marriage, offers the choices for diversity people, who are with no religion,different religions cultures races sexual orientation,according to the marriage they recognized(civil or religion marriage),within the scope of law.

3.Worrying about the same-sex couple adoption of children is unnecessary.

The main reason of the same-sex couple adoption of child is based on their loves for the child they adopt and hope to build a warm love family atmosphere.Once such decisions they make,they know the obligations on their shouder as being the parents as heterosexual couple do,and no evidences show that the same-sex couple is irresponsible parents.

Also,children are protected by the strict law in our society.Whether the heterosexual parents or the same-sex parents ,they should know that showing sexual activity isn’t allowed to their immature children since it is illegal way.

4.Sexual orientation is nature not nurture.

Sex is nature gift and sexual orientation is not easily changed by nurture because of the genetic reasons.As gay or lesbian ,they are very hardly changed to the straight person sexual orientation,also the same situation for the straight persons.

For adults ,whether straight persons or gay and lesbian ,pushing them into the marriage they unwilling to is immoral and illegal ,since they have the rights decide their own fates and select their own lifes, within our modern society with high human civilisation.

5.Eliminating homophobia is long way to go.

Homophobia phenomena existed for long time in human history with different reasons such as religions,cultures etc,which characters are not inclusive and discrimination.

Many people were to be the victims because they were silence from generaton to generation facing such customary discrimination.Nowadays,gay and lesbian awake to know the basic right as the dignity human being is important for them,so they began to challenge the discrimination bravely with the actions of “standing up,standing out and standing proundly”.

(from Richard, 08.05,2005)

Copyright by People's Daily Online, all rights reserved