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Dear comrades,

The recess appointment of Mr. Bolton is a bad omen for the UN. This organization together with its Security council, its Charter and its specialized agencies are of utmost importance to China. They alone can insure the rule of law at the international level. Besides, Chinese economic development insures almost automatically the increase of China's importance within these institutions as they exist today. If reforms need to be envisaged, they should only be accepted when they scrupulously follow the original inspiration of the United Nations, namely the rehabilitation of the Economic Security Council over and above the IFM, the World Bank and the WTO. The present Security Council could also be reformed in order to update its adequation to today's world. But it is not the priority. The strengthening of the Economic Security Council is. The secular increase of China's strength within the existing UN framework insures that the right reforms could take place almost automatically (for instance, China's weight in the IFM could allow for a reform of this institution along the lines pointed out in Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme.)

The new US ambassador will be blunt and undiplomatic. His aim will be to try to turn the UN into a branch-plant of a unipolar world dominated by the US and its military arm, Nato. China's diplomacy should therefore practice some preventive diplomacy of its own. It could raise its quotas to the UN. This would bring them in tune with its new present and expected wealth according to its increasing weight in international commerce. But it can also achieve this result by offering bilateral agreements to the partners it needs (especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia) in the UN in order to strengthen its own influence. This new influence should then to be used in the scrupulous respect of the UN Charter since this document remains the embodiment of the communist philosophy of peaceful coexistence and cooperation between sovereign States.

Yours Very Truly,

Paul De Marco.

PS: Washington wants to disarm North Korea in order to have a free hand against China in the immediate future. It is no secret that it sees China as its main potential and present rival. Helping the US to disarm North Korea does not seem worthy to me of Sun Tzu's or of Mao's strategic and tactical thinking. North Korea's nuclear arms, and above all North Korea economic development achieved and sustained thanks to a plentiful nuclear supply of energy (the surplus of which would be bought by China) are a necessary precondition of World and Asian peace and independence.

The Chinese should also develop cruise missiles capable to aim and lock on their targets with multiple targeting devises. Theses devices should be able to remain on target while an onboard calculator would automatically change the initial path and the speed in an aleatory fashion. This would defeat the most advanced Star War gimmicks. If such a guiding system was coupled with the Mirv technology and fitted with flares they would be both cheap and almost indestructible. The missile themselves could be prepositioned on land or an submarines and boats. Passive miniaturized radars as well as tactical anti tank and anti helicopter weapons should be developed and mass produced.

(from Paul De Marco, 08.03,2005)

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