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Global Energy alternatives

There is an energy alternative which I call to your attention which goes far beyond just being exciting. It is "zero point energy", so-named because the energy source is observable even at temperatures of absolute zero. It

exists throughout all space, not just earth's atmosphere, is in such abundance that it may be considered inexhaustible, and no one can charge for it. NO ONE. It is necessary, however, to build or acquire a rather sophisticated electronic or electromagnetic device to harness the energy and transform it into electricity. Such devices have been repeatedly designed, built, demonstrated, and even patented. The use of this amazing energy source is completely pollution free, and produces no byproducts whatever.

The truth is that, even if we embraced the technology today and proceeded at all haste to commercialize it, we could hardly make it widespread before existing reserves of oil and gas were severely depleted and the climate irreversibly altered for the worse. The energy industry, the utilities, the transportation sector, world governments, someone, should take the lead on this. It is certainly possible to produce silent electric vehicles, boats, airplanes, locomotives, stationary power generators, even space

craft, that require no energy input, no refueling. If they don't take the ball and run with it , someone else will, and then it will be a technology to manufacturing to marketing race the likes of which we have never seen.

When people ask me what this stuff is, this incredible energy source, I say "Think of it as residual energy from the Big Bang, just like some of that 'snow' you see when you tune your TV to an unused channel."

Below are several links to explore this topic. You can get lots more by doing a search with, say, Google, for "zero point energy." It's a complex subject, but its use has been

demonstrated over at least the last 75 years, starting, perhaps, with Nicola Tesla in 1933.

(from Jim Bower, 07.12,2005)

Copyright by People's Daily Online, all rights reserved