China refutes U.S. ambassador's remarks over anti-epidemic policy

(Xinhua) 10:44, June 18, 2022

People shop at a mall in Fengtai District, Beijing, capital of China, June 9, 2022. (Xinhua/Li Xin)

BEIJING, June 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Friday refuted remarks by U.S. ambassador to China Nicholas Burns concerning China's dynamic zero-COVID approach.

"The reason why China adopted the dynamic zero-COVID approach is that we put the 1.4 billion people's lives and health before anything else," Wang told a press briefing, adding it is a testament to the governance philosophy of the CPC and the Chinese government, which is to give top priority to protecting the people and their lives.

He said whereas the average life expectancy in some developed countries, such as the United States, declined during the pandemic, China's average life expectancy has steadily gone up in recent years.

China's COVID containment measures are constantly adjusted to better respond to the latest developments in the COVID situation, which has proven to be effective, Wang said.

Noting the overall epidemic metrics in China have been stable, Wang said China has effectively brought virus transmission under control in Shanghai and other places, where life and work are going back to normal.

"Facts have proven that the existing anti-epidemic protocols can help to achieve the dynamic zero-COVID goal," Wang said, adding China's COVID policy suits its national reality and can stand the test of history.

Thanks to China's science-based, precise and effective epidemic prevention and control measures, China has not only mitigated the impact of the coronavirus on economic and social development to the greatest extent, but achieved steady economic growth, Wang said.

"According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's economy has gradually emerged from the shadow of COVID-19, with major indexes showing better performance in May. China's economy has shown momentum of recovery," Wang said.

Noting China's foreign trade went up 8.3 percent and FDI expanded 17.3 percent year-on-year in the period from January to May, Wang said China is fully confident in ensuring effective COVID response, stable economic performance and safe and secure development.

"During the same period, investment from the Republic of Korea, the United States, and Germany climbed by 52.8 percent, 27.1 percent and 21.4 percent respectively," Wang noted.

"These specific figures reflect foreign investors' genuine interest in investing in China and confidence in China's socioeconomic development," he added.

Wang said it is clear evidence that effective COVID response provides a good foundation for socioeconomic development and an important condition for fostering a favorable business environment.

"We are fully confident in ensuring effective COVID control, stable economic performance and safe and secure development," he added. 

(Web editor: Liang Jun, Bianji)