Traditional pottery comes alive again in village in Tianjin

(People's Daily Online) 10:59, November 25, 2021

Penguanzhuang village is located in the eastern Ninghe District of Tianjin Municipality. According to historical data, there were more than 80 pottery workshops there during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Nearly every family was engaged in making pottery during the high watermark in the village’s history of development, having produced household supplies such as bowls, jars, and pots.

Although the history of pottery making in Penguanzhuang has lasted for several generations, the crafts that they make are mainly used for practical household purposes, which is not as culturally prized as compared with those of other more famous potteries. Therefore, the question of how to combine the techniques for producing and the sale of pottery wares so that people living in the village could benefit from reviving the traditional craftwork became the next major concern.

Local resident Han Kesheng has been making pottery for more than 30 years. He is also the first “new craftsman” who opened up a pottery making workshop in the village. “Nowadays there are lots of young people who have come to our village to learn pottery making,” said Han. “Besides elementary and middle school students, pottery making is also popular among local college students as well.”

In recent years, after the endless efforts of several generations, pottery making along with a series of related tourism products have brought a new vitality to this historical and traditional village.


(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Liang Jun)