Students complete magnificent woodcut painting to showcase charm of NW China's Lanzhou

(People's Daily Online) 14:48, April 21, 2021

"What I enjoyed most during the process is carving," said An Xinyue, a sixth grader from Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu province, who recently participated in the creation of a woodcut picture depicting breathtaking landscapes along the banks of the Yellow River flowing through the city.

Photo shows students from Anle Village Primary School engraving woodcut pictures. (Photo/chinanews.com)

It took three weeks for An and her eight fellow students from Anle Village Primary School, in the Chengguan district of Lanzhou to finish the exquisite woodblock painting measuring 4 meters long and 0.3 meters wide, which portrays the splendid scenery along both banks of the Yellow River, including Zhongshan Bridge, dubbed "the first bridge to cross the Yellow River."

"We drew the first draft of the picture following our first field trip accompanied by our teacher. Afterwards, we constantly revised the draft with more field trips, in order to depict the views more accurately," said An, adding that they devoted one week to complete the drawing and two weeks on carving and coloring.

Photo shows two primary school students holding the woodcut painting portraying splendid landscapes along both banks of the Yellow River as it flows through Lanzhou. (Photo/chinanews.com)

"Since I love the art of woodcut printing, I will stick to it even when I encounter difficulties. In fact, I also got frustrated when I can’t do it right, but I won't give up," said the girl.

"Lanzhou is the only Chinese provincial capital in which the Yellow River flows through it, as well as being our hometown. In addition to expressing their love for the homeland, the woodcut work is also an object through which the students can promote the culture of Lanzhou," Bai Yan, a teacher with the primary school, explained as she stated their original intention for creating the elaborate work.

Photo shows a part of the woodcut painting portraying the splendid scenery along both banks of the Yellow River, a river which flows directly through Lanzhou. (Photo/chinanews.com)

Photo shows a student engraving a woodcut picture. (Photo/chinanews.com)

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