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China advocates, practices global science and technology exchanges with concrete efforts

By Yu Sinan (People's Daily)    09:23, October 18, 2019

Scientists from more than 40 countries and regions across the globe gathered in Beijing for the first World Science and Technology Development Forum and other high-level meetings, which kicked off on October 16.

Centering on such topics as the impact of science and technology on human civilization and sustainable development, participants shared their research results and innovation experiences at the forum, further consolidating consensus on openness and cooperation.

Farmers thresh rice in a demonstration paddy field under a China-assisted hybrid rice project in Burundi. (Photo by Lv Qiang/People’s Daily)

Science and technology are the wisdom of all humanity. They push forward human society and flow across borders, providing means for us to deal with challenges of human development.

Looking back on the history of modern science and technology, none of the achievements in scientific research would have been realized if the scientists hadn't drawn the experience from forerunners. It is through competition and cooperation that the high-tech industry has advanced.

As scientific and technological exploration deepens, international division of labor and industry collaboration in various fields have become increasingly elaborate and complex. Meanwhile, science and technology cooperation has continuously widened and intensified, making countries more interconnected and interdependent with one another.

Currently, the new round of technological and industrial revolution is speeding up and new technologies and products, as well as new forms and models of business continue to emerge.

Against this backdrop, to reduce the costs and risks of innovation, improve its level and efficiency, integrate and optimize global resources and factors for complementing and sharing them around the world as well as intensify openness and cooperation have become an irresistible trend.

Technological progress stimulates world development and scientific cooperation brings mankind closer.

In the past few decades, human beings have achieved unprecedented results in areas including information, energy, medical service and healthcare through scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.

Nowadays, common challenges such as development, food and energy security, health, and climate change have brought about more pressing needs for people around the world to join hands and cooperate.

Chinese and Nigerian technicians share the joy of successfully breeding a new rice variety in a farm of Kebbi State, northwestern Nigeria. (Photo/Courtesy of Green Agriculture West Africa Ltd. of CGCOC Group)

To make technologies benefit more people and scientific achievements available in more countries, it is necessary to pool the wisdom of the world to jointly cope with the new issues and challenges of the times for the sake of the entire human civilization.

History flows like a mighty river, and openness and cooperation have become an irresistible trend of our times.

By holding the science and technology forum and providing a platform for scientific dialogues and exchanges, China aims to advocate scientific openness and cooperation and promote technological innovation to benefit humankind.

At the forum, participants discussed technological and industrial transformation, the influence of science and technology on education and culture, and the future of small and medium-sized enterprises, displaying that the scientists around the world expect to communicate and interact with one another.

As an advocate and practitioner of international science and technology cooperation, China has taken the initiative to build a network of global innovation.

Earlier this year, China announced the first batch of projects concerning scientific experiments on the Chinese space station and incorporated 23 researchers from 17 countries into the projects.

Foreign researchers are often seen on major Chinese scientific research platforms such as the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) and the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST).

Meanwhile, Chinese scientists and researchers have actively contributed to scientific development in the world. They have joined the Human Genome Project, promoted advanced rice cultivation techniques in Africa, participated in taking the first-ever picture of the black hole in human history, and helped perfect the ecological system for world-renowned software and hardware companies on open-source platforms.

Science and technology become more colorful and active because of exchanges and interaction. As an advocate and practitioner of scientific and technological exchanges, China is willing to join hands with various countries to create a more open, inclusive, and better-coordinated ecology for scientific and technological cooperation, making its contributions to tackle common challenges faced by the world.

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