Hebei to push development of Xiongan New Area with rollout of key projects in 2018

08:13, January 29, 2018   Global Times

Wide-ranging efforts on areas including transportation and environmental protection will be pushed forward to build the Xiongan New Area, according to the Hebei Development and Reform Commission.

Xiongan New Area is a new economic zone near Beijing designed to integrate the capital with surrounding areas.

According to the Hebei provincial government, it plans to roll out a slew of key projects this year including high-speed railways, expressways, forestation work and environmental protection work at Baiyangdian Lake.

The new area will actively absorb high-tech industries, and attract a number of hospitals and schools to increase the quality of public services, according to the Xinhua News Agency on Sunday.

The Hebei Development and Reform Commission said that it hoped the construction of an industrial park would be started as soon as possible. Companies including tech firm Tencent Holdings have already signed up to open offices in the new area.

A set of policies covering housing and household registration will be further developed.

As these plans become more detailed, the authority said it is looking for earlier approvals from relevant parties.

The province will also try to attract national-level laboratories and major scientific infrastructure to settle down in the province or in the new area.