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Expert: China did not challenge the existing international order

By Zhang Qian (People's Daily Online)    11:54, January 12, 2015
Jia Qingguo, the dean of School of International Studies at Peking University. (People's Daily Online/Zhang Qian)

Sino-US relations have passed through a chilly phase, with both countries directing public accusations at each other over a range of issues. Academics and policy researchers have been pessimistic about the future of bilateral relations. However, there is another view. Jia Qingguo, the dean of School of International Studies at Peking University believes that China and the US retain a strong interest in and desire for cooperation, and because of that there still is a possibility to build a new relationship between major powers.

At the "International Senior Forum of China 2015: major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics” on January 5, Jia gave a speech entitled “New era in Sino-US relations”.

Jia believes that the interest in cooperation and the will to cooperate remain strong.

Most influential thinkers and political leaders in both countries believe that the construction of a new relationship serves the best interests of the two countries, and there is no need to give up any of their things or their goals in order to avoid confrontation. It is all about strengthening cooperation and achieving win-win goals.

Although talk is tough on security matters, both militaries are keen to strengthen military relations and have made real progress. Bilateral military exchanges have improved significantly in terms of frequency, level and quality.

Economically, the two sides are closely related and interdependent. Bilateral trade amounts to more than 5 trillion dollars, and China purchased 2 trillion dollars of US Treasury bonds to safeguard the fundamental interests of the two countries.

Common interests have continued to increase at every level, as both countries want to maintain a peaceful and stable international order with a free and open international trading system, and both countries are committed to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Both sides also advocate maintaining the freedom of navigation on the high seas. 

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(Editor:Zhang Qian,Yao Chun)

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