Ministries and Commissions of the State Council
(By April 1, 2001)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister: Tang Jiaxuan 

Ministry of National Defense:Minister: Chi Haotian(concurrently)

State Development Planning Commission:Minister: Zeng Peiyan

State Economic and Trade Commission:Minister: Li Rongrong

Ministry of Education:Minister: Chen Zhili

Ministry of Science and Technology:Minister: Xu Guanhua

State commission of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense: Minister: Liu Jibin

State Ethnic Affairs Commission:Minister:Li Dezhu

Ministry of Public Security:Minister: Jia Chunwang

Ministry of State Security:Minister:Xu Yongyue

Ministry of Supervision:Minister: He Yong

Ministry of Civil Affairs:Minister:Doji Cering

Ministry of Justice:Minister: Zhang Fusen

Ministry of Finance:Minister: Xiang Huaicheng

Ministry of Personnel:Minister:Zhang Xuezhong

Ministry of Labour and Social Security:Minister: Zhang Zuoji

Ministry of Land and Resources:Minister: Tian Fengshan

Ministry of Construction:Minister:Yu Zhengsheng

Ministry of Railways:Minister:Fu Zhihuan

Ministry of Communications:Minister:Huang Zhendong

Ministry of Information Industry:Minister:Wu Jichuan

Ministry of Water Resources:Minister:Wang Shucheng

Ministry of Agriculture:Minister:Chen Yaobang

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic:Minister:Shi Guangsheng

Ministry of Culture:Minister:Sun Jiazheng

Ministry of Health:Minister: Zhang Wengkang

State Family Planning Commission:Minister:Zhang Weiqing

People's Bank of China:Governor: Dai Xianglong

National Audit Office:Auditor-General: Li Jinhua