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041805.jpg (20509 bytes)U.N. Security Council Holds Summit Meeting

The United Nations Security Council held Thursday its second summit meeting since 1992 at the U.N. headquarters, with the participants reaffirming their support for the council to continue to play its positive role in safeguarding world peace and security.



China Urges Peaceful Settlement of Regional Conflicts in Asia

China Calls for International Efforts to Root Out Terrorism

Jiang Expounds Principles of Respect for Sovereign Equality, Human Rights

Chinese President Meets Italian Prime Minister

Geographical Equity Essential to Security Council Expansion: Jiang

Jiang Calls for Fair, Equitable New Int'l Economic Order

Chinese President on Ways to Strengthen U.N. Role

Chinese President Draws World Attention to African Problems

Chinese President Calls for Strengthened Positive Role of U.N.

Jiang Zemin Meets Russian President Putin

Jiang Meets South Korean President

Jiang Meets Japanese Prime Minister

Principle of Democracy Essential for Handling World Affairs: Jiang

Chinese President Assured of Ukrainian Support on Taiwan Issue

Chinese President, Jordanian King Meet on Relations

Summit Pledges to Enhance Cooperation

"Shanghai Five" Nations Sign Joint Statement

China Welcomes Uzebekistan's Involvement in "Shanghai 5" Process

Jiang Proposes Collaboration on Development, Security, Trade

Lofty Plateau Continues to Bear Witness

Jiang: Perfecting `Shanghai Five' Mechanism

China, Kyrgyzstan Vow to Fight Separatism, Terrorism, Extremism

China, Russia Pledge to Strengthen Cooperation in World Affairs

Presidents of "Shanghai Five" Summit Pledge to Enhance Cooperation

Tajik President Hosts Banquet to Welcome Jiang

China, Tajikistan Pledge Further Efforts for Regional Peace

China, Kazakhstan to Beef Up Efforts Against Evil Forces

Regular Meeting Mechanism Set Up for FMs from "Shanghai Five" Nations

China Vows to Further Ties With Tajikistan

China and Tajikistan Signed Joint Statement

China, Tajikistan to Seek Early Settlement of Border Issue

Tajikistan Pledges Adherence to "One China" Policy

President Jiang Arrives in Dushanbe for State Visit

Jiang Zemin Meets Egyptian Counterpart Hosni Mubarak

Chinese President Calls for Increasing Capability of Enterprises

Chinese, US Presidents Meet in Auckland

Jiang, Putin Discuss Bilateral, International Issues

Jiang Meets Peruvian President

Jiang: China Happy with Ties with Mexico

Chinese, Philippine Presidents Discuss Relations

Jiang Meets Papua New Guinea Prime Minister

Chinese, Japanese Leaders Meet on Bilateral Relations