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jiang1.jpg (23480 bytes)Full Text of President Jiang's Speech at China-Africa Forum  

Chinese President Jiang Zemin made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Ministerial Conference Beijing 2000 on October 10. Following is the full text of the speech:


Jiang Offers 4-Point Proposal on China-African Cooperation

President Jiang on Principles of Building New World Order

Sino-Africa Forum Has Far-Reaching Significance: Jiang

Jiang Expounds Principles of Respect for Sovereign Equality, Human Rights

China Continues to Adhere to Economic Growth: Jiang

Policy on Taiwan Remains Unchanged: Jiang

Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership Benefits Both: Jiang

Western Development Key to China's Development Strategy: Jiang  

Jiang Makes Speech On World Peace and Development

Chinese President Calls for Strengthened Positive Role of U.N.

Jiang: China's Development Contributes to World Peace

Principle of Democracy Essential for Handling World Affairs: Jiang

Jiang: Strengthened Ideological and Political Work Vital

Jiang Hails Completion of Mapping of Genetic Code

Training Young Leaders Important    

President Jiang Calls for Technological Innovation

Jiang Zemin's Speech Greeting Year 2000

Full Text of Jiang's Speech at the Beijing Rally in Celebration of Macao's Return

President Jiang Speaks at the Handover Ceremony

Jiang Zemin on Chinese-Arab Ties, Mankind Civilization

Jiang Encourages French Enterprises to Invest More in China

Jiang Zemin Briefs French Entrepreneurs on Economy in China

President Jiang Spells out Chinese Values   (Full Text)

Jiang on China's Economy and Position on Joining WTO

Full Text of President Jiang Zemin's Speech at National Day Rally

Full Text of Jiang Zemin's Speech at Fortune Forum