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Jiang Calls for Pushing Forward 'Develop the West' Campaign

Addressing a meeting on the large-scale development of China's western regions, Chinese President Jiang Zemin called for enhancing awareness of the importance of this campaign and continuously pushing forward work in this area.

Held in this capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Monday, the meeting was aimed to review "Develop the West" work in six western provinces and regions over the past two years, as well as to chart the way ahead.

Jiang said that economic and social development in the western regions has exhibited a dynamic new look over the past two years, guided by the "Develop the West" strategy. Experience has shown that this strategic decision is completely right.


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Jiang Zemin Meets Senior Chinese Army Officers  

President Meets Japanese Visitors

China Will Be Responsible WTO Member: Jiang

President Jiang Interviewed by US "Science"

Chinese, Philippine Presidents Hold Talks

President Meets Barbados PM

President Jiang: PNTR Conducive to Sino-US Ties

Communist Party Must Improve Leadership Skills

President Jiang Zemin Meets Danish Prime Minister  

Jiang's Six-Nation Tour Successful, Says Chinese Official

Chinese President Leaves S.Africa for Home

Jiang Browsing over People's Daily Online in South Africa

Chinese President Meets With South African President

China, S. Africa Sign Cooperative Documents

Jiang Appeals to Promote Sino-African Ties

Jiang Zemin Reiterates China's Stance on Taiwan Issue

President Jiang Meets With Nelson Mandela

President Jiang Meets S. African Vice President

Chinese President on New International Order

Chinese President Arrives in S. Africa

Jiang's Trip to Foster Ties, Trade with South Africa

Chinese President Ends Visit to Greece

Chinese President Continues Visit to Greece

Jiang's Visit a Milestone

Jiang Calls for Closer China-Greece Parliamentary Ties

Jiang Zemin talks about Kosovo, Taiwan, Greek relations

Jiang, Stephanopoulos exchange views on Political, Economic Issues

President Jiang Zemin Arrives in Athens for State Visit

Chinese President Continues Turkey Visit 

Jiang's Turkey Visit a Historic One: Demirel

Chinese President Hails Sino-Turkish Friendship

Jiang, Ecevit Agree to Advance Bilateral Cooperation

China: Security Council Should Seek to Eradicate Causes of Conflict

China, Turkey Signed Joint Communique

Chinese President Delivers Speech in Turkey

Chinese President Meets Turkish Parliament Speaker

Jiang Zemin Meets Egyptian Counterpart Hosni Mubarak

Turkish President Demirel Host Ceremony to Welcome Chinese President

Jiang Calls for Closer Sino-Israeli Trade Ties

Chinese President Concludes Visit to Palestine

Palestinian Legislative Council Welcomes Chinese President

Arafat, Jiang Call for Closer Sino-Palestinian Ties

Arafat Holds Ceremony to Welcome Chinese President

Jiang's Israeli Visit a Historic Event: Barak

Jiang, Barak Discuss Middle East Peace

Chinese President Meets Speaker of Israeli Knesset 

Chinese President Visits Israel Holocaust Memorial

Chinese, Israeli Presidents Meet to Exchange Views

Weizman Holds Ceremony to Welcome Chinese President 

Chinese President Leaves for Five-Nation Trip

President Jiang Meets with Singapore Prime Minister 

Jiang Zeming Meets With Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey

Jiang Zemin Writes Title for Book on Finance

Jiang Meets Daley on Sino-US Trade Relations

Chinese President Meets With Vienamese Top Legislator

Chinese Leaders Join People on Tree-planting Day

Chinese President Meets Canadian Entrepreneur

Jiang Meets U.S. National Security Adviser

Jiang on Sino-Russian Relations

Chinese, Micronesian Presidents Hold Talks

President Jiang Zemin Congratulates Putin

Jiang Praises Links with Filipinos

Chinese President Meets with Holbrooke

Chinese President Reiterates One China Principle

Jiang Zemin Meets Thai Princess

Jiang Zemin Calls for Making New Progresses

Jiang Underlines Agriculture and West Development

Jiang Stresses Family Planning, Resources Management, Environmental Protection

Jiang on Economic Restructuring, Poverty Relief

Jiang Urges PLA Modernization

Jiang Zemin Calls for Meeting New Challenges

Jiang Meets Hong Kong and Macao Chief Executives

President Jiang Mourns Over Death of Taiwan Physicist

Jiang Emphasizes Environment Protection

Jiang Emphasizes Prosperity and Stability for Hong Kong, Macao

Jiang Praises Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership

Jiang Zemin Calls for Joint Reunification Efforts Across Straits

Jiang Zemin Meets George Bush

Jiang: Central Government's Policy on Taiwan Consistent

President Jiang Zemin on Human Rights Issue

Jiang Stressed Importance of Education

Jiang Stresses Party Building and Productivity

Jiang: 'Three Emphases' Important

Chinese President Extends Greetings to Military Veterans

Jiang Zemin Urges Care for the Needy

President Jiang Meets French Entrepreneurs

President Jiang Urges Establishing Balanced, Powerful Financial System

Jiang on Strengthening Foundation of Agriculture

Jiang Urges Officials to Fully Understand WTO Entry

Chinese President Meets Pakistani Chief Executive

Chinese President Encourages Youth Volunteers

Jiang Zemin on Running Well CPC, State

Jiang Zemin Calls for Greater National Unity

Jiang Attends Last Meeting of Macao SAR Preparatory Committee

Jiang Zemin Meets US Congressmen

Jiang Stresses Publicity, Ideological Work

World Peace, Development Cause Never Deterred

President Jiang Visits Bells of Harmony

Chinese Nation to Realize Rejuvenation: Jiang Zemin

Chinese President Expresses Regret over Yeltsin's Resignation

Chinese President Extends Sympathy for Algerian Quake Victims

President Jiang Zenmin Meets EU, EC Leaders

Jiang Zemin Presents Scroll to Macao SAR

Chinese President Arrives in Macao for Handover Ceremony

Chinese President and Premier Meet Portuguese President and Premier

Chinese President Congratulates Mugabe on Reelection

Jiang Zemin Meets Brazilian Vice-President

Chinese, Albanian Presidents Holds Talks

Chinese President Expresses Condolences on Quake in Philippines

Jiang Zemin Holds Informal Meeting with Yeltsin

Chinese President Visits Noted Scientist

President Jiang, Jordanian King Discuss Bilateral Relations

Jiang Zemin Meets Governor-General of Bahamas

Jiang Zemin Addresses Int'l Conference on Ozone Layer Protection

Chinese President Meets Iranian Vice-President

Jiang Zemin Hold Talks with Wahid

Jiang Zemin Meets US Senator

Chinese President Praises Sino-Thai Relations

Jiang Zemin Inspects China's First Spacecraft

Jiang Zemin Hold Talks with Kazakhstan President

Jiang Zemin Hold Talks with Burundi President Pierre Buyoya

Chinese President Meets UN Secretary-General

Jiang Zemin Attends Performance Marking 50th Anniversary of PLA Air Force

President Jiang Zemin Meets Mongolian PM

Chinese President Meets German Chancellor

Chinese President's State Visits to Six Nations