Wang Zhongyu
---State Councillor

&State Council Secretary General

Following is a biographic sketch of Wang Zhongyu, who was nominated as state councillor by Premier Zhu Rongji and approved by the Ninth National People's Congress at its First Session.

Wang, born 1933, native of Changchun, Jilin Province, joined the Party, May 1956; received college education, senior engineer.

Studied at the Shenyang Light Industry Vocational School, 1950-53, worked as technician, deputy workshop head, engineer, deputy factory director and chief engineer in Jilin Paper Mill, 1953-80;

deputy director of Jilin Provincial NO.1 Light Industry Bureau, 1980-81; Studied at the Party School of CPC Central Committee, 1981-82; served as director and secretary of the Party Group of the Jilin Provincial First Light Industry Department, 1982-83.

Served as director of the Research Office of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, standing committee member and concurrently secretary-general of Provincial Party Committee, 1983-85; deputy secretary of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, deputy governor, acting governor and governor of Jilin Province, 1985-92.

Served as deputy director and deputy Party secretary of the Production Office under State Council, deputy director and deputy secretary of Party Group of State Council's Economic and Trade Office, 1992-93; minister and secretary of Party group of State Economic and Trade Commission since 1993.

He was elected alternate member of the 13th CPC Central Committee, and member of the 14th and 15th CPC Central Committees.