Ismail Amat
---State Councillor

Following is a biographic sketch of Ismail Amat, whose nomination as state councillor by Premier Zhu Rongji, was approved by the Ninth National People's Congress at its first session.

Ismail, a native (Uygur) of Qira, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; born September 1935, joined Communist Party of China (CPC) 1953, received higher education.

Served as secretary of the Qira County Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, deputy secretary of CPC Qira committee and magistrate of Qira County, 1954-63; deputy head of Publicity Department of CPC Hetian Prefecture Committee, 1963-65; deputy director of the Culture, Education and Political Work Department of the CPC Xinjiang Regional Committee, 1966-67.

Served as member of the Standing Committee of Xinjiang Regional Revolutionary Committee, head of the group for regional cultural, educational and health work, 1969-72; secretary of the CPC Xinjiang Regional Committee and chairman of Xinjiang Regional People's Government, 1972-86.

Served as chairman of State Ethnical Affairs Commission and secretary of the Party Group of the commission, 1986-88; vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), member of the CPPCC Party Group, 1988-93, State Councillor since 1993.

Members of the 10th (1970) through 15th (1997) CPC Central Committees, was elected into NPC Standing Committee at the Third Session of the Fifth NPC and became vice-chairman of the Seventh National Committee of the CPPCC.