X. Promoting Spiritual Civilization, Improving Democracy and the Legal System, and Strengthening National Defense


Vigorously promoting socialist spiritual civilization. We need to follow the principle of "doing two jobs at once and attaching equal importance to each." We need to consolidate and strengthen the guiding role of Marxism and educate the people in Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory. We need to promote patriotism, collectivism and socialism. We need to continue education of our cadres in the important principle of "Three Represents" (The Communist Party of China represents the requirement to develop advanced productive forces, an orientation towards advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people in China.) and foster the spirit of studying hard, being politically-minded, and being honest and upright. Our cadres should have a correct outlook on the world and life and have correct values. We need to work hard to foster ideas and ethics appropriate for a socialist market economy. We need to administer the country in accordance with moral principles as well as the law. We need to disseminate scientific knowledge, combat ignorance and superstition, and encourage healthy lifestyles. We need to further develop various cultural undertakings, such as literature and art, journalism and publishing, and radio, film and television. We should adhere to the principles of serving the people and socialism and of ¡°letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend." We need to produce more and better cultural and intellectual works. We need to maintain the correct orientation of public opinion, and place strong emphasis on the establishment and management of new information media. We need to build more libraries, cultural centers, science and technology centers, museums, archives, and recreation centers for juveniles and senior citizens. Mass participation activities should be continued to promote cultural and ethical progress. We need to deepen reform of the system for managing cultural undertakings, improve the economic policies concerning cultural undertakings, and promote the development of industries related to culture. We need to organize and standardize the cultural market and persist in the fight against pornographic and other illegal products.

Energetically improving socialist democracy and the legal system. We need to develop a socialist democratic political system, govern the country according to the law, and make China a socialist country ruled by law. We need to press ahead with reform of the political system; implement democratic elections, decision-making, management and supervision; protect the extensive rights and freedoms of the people as prescribed by law; and respect and guarantee human rights. We need to continue to strengthen the legislative and supervisory role of the People's Congress, and expand the role of the Chinese People¡¯s Political Consultative Conference in political consultation, democratic supervision, and administration and deliberation of state affairs. We need to bring the legal system into line with a socialist market economy. Governments at all levels must conscientiously subject themselves to the supervision of the people's congresses at corresponding levels and consult with the CPPCC. They must govern in accordance with the law and be strict in performing official duties. We need to deepen the reform of the judicial system, strictly enforce laws, and administer justice impartially. We need to put greater efforts into combating corruption and building a clean government. We need to strengthen legal education and raise the awareness of law among all citizens. We need to strengthen development of legal infrastructures, and improve the qualifications of procuratorial, judicial and public security officers.

We need to make further efforts to implement the Party's policy on ethnic groups, adhere to and build upon the system of the autonomy of ethnic minority regions, and develop socialist relationships among all ethnic groups characterized by equality, unity and mutual assistance. As part of our efforts to develop the western region of China, we need to give more support to accelerate the all-round economic and social development of the areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, and strive for common prosperity and progress of all ethnic groups. We need to implement the Party's policy on religions in a comprehensive manner, protect the people's freedom of religious belief, administer religious affairs in accordance with the law, and help the various religions adapt to socialist society. We need to conscientiously implement the Party's policy on affairs concerning overseas Chinese and bring their role into full play in the modernization drive and the great cause of peaceful reunification of the country.

We need to better safeguard social stability and correctly handle conflicts among the people in the new era. We should pay close attention to correspondence from the people and their personal visits. We need to improve public order through comprehensive measures and crack down on criminal activities that pose a threat to social order and national security. We must use legal means to combat ethnic separatist activities, religious extremist forces, violent and terrorist activities, cults, and illegal activities carried out under the guise of religion. We need to continue our campaign against the Falungong cult, and further expose and condemn the anti-human, anti-social and anti-science nature of the cult, which has become a tool for domestic and overseas forces hostile to our socialist government. We need to mete out severe punishment to the small number of criminals while making unremitting efforts to unite, educate and rescue the vast majority of people who have been taken in.

Strengthening national defense and building up the armed services. This is an important guarantee for the security of the state and the success of the modernization drive. As we focus our efforts on developing the national economy, we must also strengthen our national defense and increase our defense capabilities. We need to strengthen ideological and political work among servicemen, ensure the absolute leadership of the Party over the armed forces, and guide the development of the armed forces in the correct direction. We need to work conscientiously to implement the military strategy of active defense in the new era; persist in reform and innovation; strengthen the armed forces through science and technology, with an emphasis on quality and thrift; run the armed forces by law; and streamline the armed forces in a Chinese way in order to build a more modernized, standardized revolutionary army. We need to raise the people's awareness of the importance of national defense and improve the mobilization system. We need to strengthen defense-related scientific research, reform and restructure science, technology and industry related to national defense, develop new weapons and equipment, utilize modern technology, especially high technology to improve the defense capabilities and combat effectiveness of the armed forces, and ensure their preparedness for any contingency.