III. Working Diligently to Ensure Satisfactory Implementation of the 2004 Budgets

Success in the financial work and satisfactory implementation of the budgets for 2004 are essential to deepening reform, opening wider to the outside world and promoting development. To attain this goal, we will concentrate on the following tasks.

1. We will strengthen revenue collection and management in accordance with the law to ensure steady revenue growth. First, we will resolutely safeguard the uniformity, authority and sanctity of tax laws. We will resolutely stop introduction of unauthorized preferential taxation treatment or preferential tax policies in disguised forms. Collection of taxes must be promptly resumed when any preferential tax policy expires. Second, we will tighten tax collection and management in accordance with the law. We will severely crack down on smuggling, tax evasion and fraud and all other tax-related crime. We will ensure that taxes are collected in accordance with the law and that all taxes due are collected without exception. On the other hand, we will on no account collect taxes that are not yet owed. Third, we will standardize non-tax revenue management. In particular, non-tax revenue such as income obtained from land-use fees will be put under budgetary control or in special accounts. We will continue to rectify unauthorized collection of fees.

2. We will tighten management of expenditures and hold down expenditures. We will vigorously promote the work style of hard work, plain living and building the country through diligence, and continue to follow the policy of zero-growth for all general expenditures budgeted for 2004. We will voluntarily safeguard the sanctity and authority of the budgets and diligently implement the budgets as approved by the people's congresses at all levels. We must strictly tighten control over the construction of office buildings and training centers built for Party and government departments, and intensify efforts to solve the root causes of the problems of overdue construction funding on government-funded projects and unpaid wages for migrant rural workers. No budgetary funds should be allocated for the wide variety of inconsequential festivals, ceremonies and forums. We will work to speed up development of the Government Financial Management Information System and make full use of modern management methods to strengthen management and oversight, reduce loss and waste and standardize the financial order. We will energetically promote the reform to commercialize support services in government organs. We will improve the system of receptions for government employees on official business, and scientifically set the allowed range for operating expenses of institutions.

3. We will deepen the reform of the budge management system and perform our official duties in accordance with the law. We will continue to expand the scope of the reform, improve reform methods and deepen the reform. We will work out a scientific system for classifying government revenue and expenditures as soon as possible and continue standardizing administrative charges. In order to effectively improve the performance of budgetary expenditures, we will conduct studies on how to set up a scientific evaluation system for performance budget, standardize methods for determining the proper number of employees and funding, and improve the way project expenditures are managed. We will conscientiously carry out the Administrative Permission Law and further review, standardize and streamline administrative examination and approval procedures. We will improve fiscal and tax laws and regulations. We will consciously subject ourselves to the oversight of all sectors of society so that fiscal management constantly becomes more standardized and transparent.

4. We will improve our work style to serve overall development. Financial authorities at all levels should be realistic and pragmatic and work to effectively improve their style of work. First, we must always keep firmly in mind the overall situation. In considering issues and handling matters, especially in determining revenue and expenditures, we must always keep the overall situation in mind and bring our thinking and action in line with all decisions and plans of the central authorities. Second, we should always maintain a proactive attitude. We must give top priority to development in governing and rejuvenating the country and take full advantage of the role of public finance. We must address the concerns of the people and the pressing needs of development, deal with urgent problems quickly, and take special measures when needed. Third, we must be fully aware of the need to be realistic and pragmatic. We must speak the truth, actually do our work, make calculations accurately, strive for effective results, and never do things for show or just go through the motions. Fourth, we must foster an attitude of public service. We must actively communicate and coordinate with others to sincerely serve the people, lower level organizations and government departments.