Legend of Double Ninth Festival

99.jpg (4773 bytes) During the period of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China's history, it is said, there lived in the Ruhe River a monster of plague. Whenver he appeared, there would always be someone from each family who fell ill and someone who lost his life each day. People living in this area suffered greatly from brutality of the monster.




100.jpg (3516 bytes) A plague took off Huanjing's parents. He himself nearly lost his life. After his recovery Huanjing tool leave of his wife and the folks and set off determindely t seek for celestial beings and learn military art so as to eliminate the monster of plague.




101.jpg (4147 bytes) Huanjing visited many famous mountains and called on lots of elder scholars. And at last he got to know that there lived in seclusion a celestial senior named Fei Changfang who possessed supernatural power that no one could match. If he went to learn from him, he could eliminate the monster of plague as easy as turning his hand over.




102.jpg (3315 bytes) Huanjing was overjoyed to know this. He travelled across mountains and rivers and after going through all kinds of hardships and difficulties he came at last to the foot of the old mountain.He was worrying about the problem of how to find the celestial senior when a crane came flying before him.




103.jpg (3433 bytes) The crane led him directly to the old temple in which the senior lived. The temple was surrounded with pines and cypresses of verdant green as well as surging mountain streams. However the door was made fast. Huanjing stood outside the door waiting respectfully for fear of disturbing the celestial senior.



104.jpg (2832 bytes) Huanjing waited respectfully for three days, the door of the temple was opened at last. Fei Changfang, with white hair and ruddy complexation, stroked his long beard and said to Huanjing with a smile, " Since you were so devoted, please come in."




105.jpg (3104 bytes) After accepting Huanjing as a disciple Fei Changfang, the celestial senior not only taught him the swordsmanship of subduing demons but also so absorbed in practising the aswordmanship that he often forgot the food and sleep. And at last his swordmanship reached high degree of professional proficiency.