Shandong University


On July 22, 2000, under the approval of the Ministry of Education, the former Shandong University, Shandong Medical University and Shandong University of Technology merged into a new Shandong University. This new Shandong University is under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education and the joint construction and administration Shandong Province. Dr. Zhan Tao, a professor of mathematics, is the president of the new Shandong University and Mr. Zhu Zhengchang takes the office of Chairman of the University Council.

After this merger, Shandong University offers courses covering nine major fields, namely Philosophy, Economics, Literature, Law, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Management with 43 doctoral programs, 133 graduate programs and 8 post-doctoral mobile stations, which are respectively 59%, 32% and 42% of the total of Shandong Province. The University has 34 key disciplines and 23 key laboratories of the state, Ministry of Education and Shandong Province. There are 27,000 full- time students on campus, including 24,000 undergraduates and 3000 graduate students and there are additionally over 14,000 students under continuous education programs. Among 7922 faculty members and school employees, there are 718 professors and 217 doctoral supervisors. The University covers an area of over 3,300 hectares with 1.1 million square meters of infrastructure. The University owns a large number of equipment and instrument with a total value of 38 billion RMB and houses more than 3.55 million volumes of books in the libraries.

Under the leadership and support of both the Ministry of Education and the government of Shandong Province, the new Shandong University will make full play of all its advantages and take full measures to build itself into a more important comprehensive university in China.