Wang Liqin


Sports Table Tennis
Sex Male
Born June 1978
Birthplace Harbin
Height 183cm
Weight 60kg


Wang Liqin, who is tall and has long arms, its preferred technique is shakehand attack, is a strong player who can match anyone anywhere.Experts are of the opinion that, with his fast and powerful strokes, he has blazed a new trail and set an example of a new style of playing in the new century. From the viewpoint of technical cooperation, he and Yan Sen make a formidable pair. In the men's doubles final at the 45th World Table Tennis Championships last year, they nearly succeeded in defeating Kong Linghui and Liu Guoliang, who were the doubles champions at both the '96 Olympic Games and World Table Tennis Championships.

Honors: (major)

1998 1st in Men's Singles in Asian Championships

1998 1st in Men's Singles in Lebanon Open

1998 2nd in Men's Doubles in China Grand Prix - Ji Nan

1998 2nd in Men's Doubles in Australian Open - Melbourne

1998 1st in Men's Doubles in Qatar Open

1997 2nd in Men's Singles in Hong Kong ITTF Pro-Tour Grand Final





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